For the love of music

Music has always been part of my life as far as my memory goes. It started with lullabies and small songs (without real meaning or weird stories) but that from generation to generation people sing to children ; to make you sleep, soothe you, teach you something or simply to get you entertained. And thenContinue reading “For the love of music”

What does silence tells you?

That what makes silence unique. It can mean nothing and anything at the same time: contradiction, anger, fear, surprise, indifference, self-reflection, just being busy, preoccupied by other things or sometimes punishment. Having grown up with narcissist or abusing parents, silence usually means “the calm before the storm”. You made your point, you disappointed, you finallyContinue reading “What does silence tells you?”

Just dreams, Mr H.

If one day you read these lines, I finally had the courage to send you a link. It certainly means that I have let you enter in my thoughts again and the words that keep stumbling, are flowing again. I could re-open our last conversation and dissect in details our argument (or whatever name youContinue reading “Just dreams, Mr H.”

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