For the love of music

Music has always been part of my life as far as my memory goes.

It started with lullabies and small songs (without real meaning or weird stories) but that from generation to generation people sing to children ; to make you sleep, soothe you, teach you something or simply to get you entertained.

And then growing up and catching tubes on the radio, humming some for yourself or singing it loud with friends! Music was (and is) everything to me.

I had the chance to learn music at a young age. It teaches me discipline, perseverance, listening skills, courage and resilience.

But first and foremost, it opens a door to a myriad of feelings and emotions I would have never imagined. Music is what feelings sound like out loud. – Georgia Cates

This is the first way we communicated, through music and lyrics. Living at distance and being two introverts brought our communication to the next level. Discovering each other mind and emotions slowly. It was like unwrapping a present – a gift box with always a new gift box inside the other.

Today I discovered 8D music and my only thought went to you. I wanted to share the amazing experience in unison – our souls melting into one.

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